“ETTERNA” Nemesh book, 20 X 20 cm, 20 pages


Usually when I start a new collection of paintings an idea comes from the name of the very first painting I complete.  I was doing an art class in the Kumeu Art Centre when I started this painting. Often the first thing which comes to my mind is the name of the painting. A while ago I was given Album Etterna by Emma Shaplin. I thought that would be a good name for the painting and later I decided to use it as the name for this new collection. Recently I have been doing more drawings, they are included in the book. Since early childhood I have been spending lots of time drawing, I started using colours much later in my twenties. I was always interested in comics, especially scifi and this is where it developed from. A couple of years ago I brought two of Fabriano sketching books inspired by Marcus McAlister who moved to France  from the USA. He has been doing sketch books making over 100 books, and that inspired me to start doing drawings again. In April this year (2021) I organised an exhibition with my students in Reyburn House, Whangarei. As part of the exhibition I decided to put 5 of my drawings. They were all sold, and that encouraged me to do more of them. I quite like how they balance the paintings in the book with the play of negative space, the void and absence of colour, where the paintings are full of colour and movement. This year I was commissioned to do a large diptych (pictured below) for The Sanctuary, a place where I am regularly doing my oil painting workshops in Fernside, close to Christchurch. I named it Sanctuary.

I dedicate this book to Rick Thame and the painting TIME TO SAY GOODBYE, painted at the time of his funeral. Rick, you will always be in our hearts. Etterna means Eternal.

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