“Towards The Light” by Mary McKay


The main reason why I am doing this book is to save Mary’s works for generations to come. Mary McKay deserves that! The book is named “Towards the Light“, like Mary’s most recent series of paintings, however it could be easily the name of her whole 25 or so years opus. In this book I want to show the best of Mary’s work. It was hard to put a lifetime career in a book of just 50 pages.

Mary’s biography is brief, but her works speak volumes. All through her life she was educating herself, learning new techniques and challenging herself, constantly searching for fresh new expression.

Vjekoslav Nemesh



Each purchased book at $150, will mean one book donated to the New Zealand library. There are about 300 Libraries around New Zealand. Price includes shipping within New Zealand

Sample Pages – “Towards The Light”

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