aura ppic

What I paint is what and who I am, my art is a reflection of my spiritual being.

What you see on my canvas is a result of more than thirty years of development, but not only technically, there is also spiritual growth involved which drastically changed my paintings.

I would describe my art as a transfer of my feelings and emotions in a specific moment (Inspiration) onto the surface of the canvas.  Strong emotional moments are very important in this act of creation.  They may be induced with music or any other circumstances such as joy, love, anger or worry.  As they become stronger my artwork will becomes more creative.
For example,  when my aunt (who was very dear and an important person to me) died, only one need in that moment did I have – to paint!  All my emotions were transferred at such a difficult time onto one piece of canvas. I named it “Heavens Harp for Stephanie”.  This painting is very important to me!

If we think about physics and the structure of the atom, what the artist creates on the surface of the canvas is a whole new universe which vibrates with the energy the artist gave it in the moment of creation.  In this manner the artist creates a whole new universe.

Imagine how this artwork can vibrate if either love or anger was the feeling transferred onto the canvas by the artist! Such vibrations attract people who have the same or similar feelings and thoughts.  What makes a difference is when the artist during the process of creation is filled with the energy of joy and especially Love.


Vjekoslav Nemesh