CoverMaryAfter fundraising Exhibition INTERCONNECTION VII, Towards the Light,  in Paihia, I decided to continue online with the fundraise. After donating books to the Libraries we will continue to rise the money toward the Motor neurone desise research, which was fatal for Mary. Big thank you to Joanne Gardner, Allyson Waldron and Mike Nettmenn for helping me to orgainise the exhibition! Also big thank you to artists who donated paintings for the cause:
Ailie Snow, Allyson Waldron, Bev Dickey, Darina Denali, Jan Stevenson, Joanne Gardner, Julia Reinholt, Karen Vernon, Lynn Pirrie Smith, Mike Nettmann, Sean Hurst and Vjekoslav Nemesh and Wendy Galbraith.

In my shop you can now buy the paintings directly. Click on the link: FUNDRAISER

Each purchased book at $90, will mean one book donated to the New Zealand library. There are about 300 Libraries around New Zealand.

Order Mary’s book now!

Here is a sample of pages from Mary’s book, “Towards The Light”, it is 50 stunning pages of thought provoking paintings.

Contact Nemesh: 027 22 4444 3

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