Oil on canvas, 50.5 X 50.4 cm with painted edges, unstretched. The day I received message that Mary passed I was due to do live demo. This painting is what come out that day, thinking of angels and pearl Mary brought to the world. I am sure she will be remembered. 

20% of the sale will be donated to Motor Neuron Decease Research. 

rice includes shipping within New Zealand and stretching on the 3.6 cm (1 and half inches) bars. It might take couple of weeks for delivery.



Last time I seen Mary McKay she gave me this story which she wanted to be published in her book:


The Hymn of the Pearl


Once upon a time the Great King of Heaven decided to send his beloved son

on a sacred mission to earth to find and bring back the “Pearl that resides in

the Sea.”


Anxious to take on this sacred mission and prove his loyalty, the Prince leaves

his fathers kingdom with great determination. The moment he arrives in this

world, however – that is, the moment he is born – he forgets his mission and

his royal origins.


Drawn to the worlds attractions, our hero becomes accustom to his alien

land and finally comes to believe it is the only home he has ever known.


Time passes. The prince marries, has children and indulges in the age old

labours and pleasures of human existence,  all the while remaining in a state of

spiritual forgetfulness.


Decades go by. Then in his 40th Year, a milestone age for spiritual awakening,

the King of Heaven sends his son a message,



But the Prince pays no attention. He is too immersed in life. So the king sends

the message again, this time in a different form.


Again it is ignored.

Message after message is sent down over the period of years – Eastern

religions would say over many lifetimes.


Gradually the prince begins to comprehend the meaning of these heavenly

dispatches and to recognize their urgency.

In the end after much hesitation and many slips and falls, he answers his

Father’s Call, finds the ‘Pearl of great Price’ – his spiritual nature and returns

home from exile.


Hymns of the pearl is by “The 5 stages of the soul” – Harry Moody and David Carroll

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