Oil on canvas, 64.2 X 54 cm with painted edges, framed in white tray frame 68.2 X 58 cm.

It was interesting how I got the title. A while ago, the owner of one of the art gallery’s asked me for the painting TRUST ME, a collaboration with Wendy Worley, which is in my Interconnection VI list  in my shop.

The painting was unstretched and against my own rules, that I would not stretch the painting back unless it is sold, instead of ordering stretcher bars or taking it to framers, I stretched it over one of the blank canvases I had at home. So, on the back of that blank canvas was written TRUST ME. After a year or so the gallery returned it to me, and I took the painting off the stretcher bars and used the canvas when I was doing live demo in Tauranga. Because the canvas already had a tittle on the back, I decided to keep it. The painting then travelled to one of my exhibitions in Christchurch.

When I got it back, I decided to add something to the painting, a New Zealand native bird Kereru. Because I like it so much, I decided to frame it. It was then exhibited in The Powerhouse Exhibition, at The Art Lounge NZ, Tauranga.

So, the painting made full circle from Tauranga to Christchurch, Auckland back to Tauranga, now we are enjoying it on the wall in the studio back in Auckland. I guess one could say, it has travelled the country just like a Kereru and returned to its original nesting grounds.

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