20% percen of the sale will be donated to SPCA.

Oil on canvas, triptych, 78 X 238 cm. Middle panel is painted on linen, 3.8 cm thick stretcher bars and side panels are painted on canvas, 1.7 cm stretcher bars. On the second picture you can see how panels really look like. After watching movie The Healer I got inspired to make this piece. Shortly after I painted this piece our beloved cat Eric become sick and I wish I had power to heal him. I think he was my healer. He had that lovely energy about him. When I painted it I was thinking about situation with Covid 19.

Healer is reflecting my positive wishes and thoughts on the global pandemic. There were many meditations organized world wide and this painting was my way of doing it. For as long as I have been painting I have been fighting my own battles through my art. This painting is my personal meditation on the current situation. Dark time of the past is on the left panel, the middle panel is the current situation where we are going through change and the right panel represents peace just like blue sky beyond the storm.

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