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Oil on canvas, 101 X 101 cm (approx. 40 X 40 inches). Painted just before first lock down in New Zealand, when news about spreading the virus just started. In my mind it was Corona of the big orb which was showing on the left of the painting, not Corona virus nickname for Covid 19. It become bigger than anyone expected. This painting had three stages of creation. I started it in Tauranga, I had painting session with my friend. I took the painting home and completely repainted it several months later, as I was not happy with it. It was on the list for the exhibition at The Art Lounge NZ in 2019 but it just was not exhibited as I had more painting that I needed. I had way too many pieces and it just did not work. I decide to work on it little bit more. This is how it come out. It is probably more than 2 year between when I started and finished it. Sometimes it is flowing and sometimes it takes time, just like good wine. It was finally exhibited in May 2020, at The Art Lounge NZ, The Power House exhibition. It was in the window this time.

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