ETHEREAL DRAGONS, Anthea Stayt and Vjekoslav Nemesh


oil on canvas, 25.5 X 20 cm, canvas stretched on 3.6 cm thick stretcher bars. This collaboration piece is from Interconnection IV exhibition. Price includes shipping within New Zealand. For any international purchase please contact me first for the shipping quote.

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One response to “ETHEREAL DRAGONS, Anthea Stayt and Vjekoslav Nemesh”

  1. Annemarie says:

    Hi Nemesh I love this painting, Etheral Dragons. I attended one of your painting courses in Napier ( you helped me paint an amazing painting, I dont claim it!)
    I am a fantasy writer and would love the above to be the cover for the first book in a Trilogy I have written. I understand that you own the copyright of every picture and the public purchases for the pleasure of viewing..
    I have no idea whether my books will have appeal, (quietly hopeful they will) but feel anything I write would be augmented by your amazing images.

    The series 1st book entitled the Leviathan and tells a story of 8 brothers same father different mothers. These men are reluctant guardians of the universe and are forever fighting with a bunch of aliens called the Groven.
    The Groven are collaborating with demons from earth for total control of the 5 billion souls. Their ultimate plan is to kill God and replace him with Lucifer Morning star. However the Aliens have different agendas.
    To achieve the Groven success, human are kidnapped from earth, placed in rejuv tanks and are given dragon legs. Implants in their necks assure obedience.
    Humans are considered food or soldiers and their only value, except when various races wish to breed with human DNA to produce other species. (aliens point of view)
    The brothers can morph into Dragon, Griffins, a Minotaur, and a prehistoric Alligator.
    Lilith is the main woman villain and an earthling called Gabriel.
    In this piece Gods Arc Angels are kidnapped and forced into slavery by the Groven.
    One has escaped and his role (john) to rescue his brothers and save God.
    There are innumerable invented characters, An Orc called Singe, Blind carnivorous worms, Carnivorous trees with Blood Roots, Grey men (undead), Giant Huge Irish Wolfhounds, Giants etc.This fantasy is played out in the 7 levels of Hell, the Meat factory, the home planet of the Groven, Present and prehistoric earth.
    The Groven have travelled back in time and taken prehistoric creatures and amalgamated humans with the beasts on Earth,
    Inter-dimensionally, between molecules huge canvas with flying soul ships, weird creatures and an overwhelming evil force.
    I understand we would have to negotiate the price per book sold. I desire that everyone is happy and advantaged by any sale. (0272303588)

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