NEMESH III Special edition No.2


Nemesh III special limited edition book of 15, copy number 2

As a part of my latest special limited edition of 15 pieces, called Nemesh III, they have not only a selection of photographic images in full colour within a canvas covered binding, but each one has an original painting on the hard canvas book covers.

The book size is 30 X 30 cm and because of the format I had to reorganize the layout. This version of the book has larger images and I chose a white background, except for the first and last page which will have a black background.

So far I have painted nine covers and because I have used different metal leaves it is quite difficult to photograph them and capture the reflections of the light through the paints, this is the reason why you can see them on an easel which will be the best way to display them.

Both editions of the book Nemesh III in A3 and the 30x30cm have been separately numbered at printing so there will be not confusion on the edition numbers.



Nemesh 03 Cover 2a

50 pages, 30 X 30 cm (12 X 12″), special edition of 15, book number 2 with original painting on the cover. To check page layaout click on the image above

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