“Genie Collection” Nemesh book


Vjekoslav Nemesh, Genie Collection, 28 X 28 cm, 40 pages, hardcover.

When I was packing my Interdimensional exhibition for Tauranga at the beginning of May 2017, at some stage I felt overwhelmed with the progress and out of the blue decided to start painting.  This is how the very first painting was born and I used it for the cover of this book. I felt very good after that, especially with the result. I posted an image on Facebook and within half an hour somebody showed interest and purchased the painting. That gave me an extra boost to complete packing without any problem. I was scheduled to do a live demo at The Art Lounge. At the opening night I did  a piece which I named LET THE GENIE OUT and this is how this collection got its name. Saturday night when I arrived back in Auckland,  I created another piece, DANCING GENIE.

Price includes shipping within New Zealand.

For any international purchase please contact me first for the shipping quote.

Below are some samples of  the pages from the book:




Genie Collection


Genie Collection


Genie Collection


Genie Collection



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