28 June 2020

As I am writing this post, my beloved furry boy is still breathing next to me. There is not much time left.

We met 15 years ago when he was a young cat. He lived in the neighborhood with his brother Bob. Bob was explorer and he was the first one to come into the house. I remember he inspected every room of the house. Eric came a little later. I remember him jumping in the window. He was very cuddly and from the very beginning stole my heart.

As they grew up they started fighting and being territorial. Eric decided to live with me and feed at home. A few Years later when I decided to move I asked his owners Sandra and Tony to give him to me and I was offering a painting in return. They agreed, and later they told me that they already decided it but they did not know when it would happen. They chose a lovely painting called Storyteller. Sandra even did some classes with me later as it was just a street away. I remember when my partner Sean saw him for the first time I said β€œHe is such a cute buby” in delight. For the next 14 years he was our beloved companion. I remember a friend telling me how skinny he was. We should give him some raw meat, he loved it and we spoiled him regularly with treats. He’s been in many fights over the years, it can be seen on both of his ears and nose. Memories of our cuddles will always be with me. When he became sick I did a healing painting for him. It is called β€œHealing Eric”


Tears come to my eyes as I think of losing our Eric. He has been there through thick and thin, he has saved my life several times when I was in the worst depressions I have been through. He has been a center of joy and happiness, love and light, I will miss his purring and cuddles, the fur all over my clothing and him licking my head when it was dinner time. He loved the captive audience in the toilet, always wanting to join one for a cuddle.

Eric is one of the best animals I have had the pleasure to enjoy having in my life, he will always be in my heart and is part of my soul. After nearly 15 years of enjoying his presence, life will never be the same.

I ask my guides to talk him to the afterlife or next dimension and keep him safe until we can be together once more. If you visit us in this world you will always be welcome to join us on the bed, and for a cuddle no matter where.

Bless you Eric, Mala Maca, our kitten and baby brother. I, and all those who have met youΒ  love you dearly.


On the Morning of 30 June, 43 minutes after Midnight Eric draw his last breath. Good bye my love.


I took this text from Facebook post, because it explains so well why I named this painting PROTECTOR, oil on canvas, 101 X 51 cm. At the bottom of the painting it’s Eric, our beloved cat with the wings like dragon. He found me 14 years ago and we had many precious moments. There is not much time left but my protector will be always with me. Thank you Sean Hurst for helping and taking care of mala maca.

PROTECTOR, oil on canvas, 101 X 51 cm


Most people think that cats do not do anything, they are lazy creatures and all they do is eat and sleep. Well it’s not like that!
Did you know that nowadays, there are already more people who have cats than dogs?
Do you know what is the mission of a cat ???

Well now I’m writing a series of facts about the secret life of cats, so that you know and understand them more..
All cats have the power to, daily, remove accumulated negative energy in our body …
As soon as we sleep, they absorb that energy. If there is more than one person in the family, and only one cat, he can accumulate an excessive amount of negativity by absorbing energy from so many people …
“When they sleep, the cat’s body releases the negativity that they eliminate from us.” If in case we were excessively stressed, they may have more time to release that amount of negative energy.
And for that, consequently they are accumulated as fat, until they can free it.
Therefore, they become fat and you think it was the food that fed them!

“It’s good to have more than one cat in the house, so that the load is divided among them.” They also protect us during the night, so that no undesirable spirit enters our house or room while we sleep …
“That’s why they like to sleep in our bed.”
“And if they consider us well, they will not sleep with us.”
If there’s something strange happening around us, they would jump into our bed and protect us …
If a person comes to our house, and the cats feel that person is there to harm us or is bad, the cats then surround us to “protect” us …
If you do not have cats, and a stray cat enters your house adopting it as your home, it is because you need a cat at that particular moment …
* “Well, the street cat, volunteered to help you!”
“Thank the cat for choosing your home, for that job.”
If you have other cats and can not keep the street, look for a place for him.
The cat came for an unknown reason to us physically, and in dreams you can see the reason for the cat’s appearance at that moment. There may be a debit, of the karmas that he has to pay you …
“Therefore, do not be scare or scare the cat.”
For “he” is going to return, in one way or another to fulfill this obligation …
“Cats cure us.”
“Cats are adorable creatures, and they love their owners above all else, they just have a different way of expressing it” …
And, despite that, their love is true, so do not doubt that “They Are Our Great And True Friends Above All Good Fellows” …

* “People who are allergic to cats are emotionally incapable of loving someone deeply, because they repress their true feelings” *







IN THE ARMS OF ANGEL, oil on canvas, 60 X 60 cm, $2550


GRIEVING MAN, oil on canvas, 101.5 X 41.5 cm GRIEVING MAN, oil on canvas, 101.5 X 41.5 cm


GRIEVING MAN, oil on canvas, 101.5 X 41.5 cm

GRIEVING MAN, oil on canvas, 101.5 X 41.5 cm

3 August 2020. After more than month of not painting I started out of blue just wanting to finish some pieces, this one I left half done couple weeks ago just before leaving to Christchurch. As I was finishing light from window start shining right on the middle of the painting. While I was trying to catch this phenomenon, I swear in a split second I heard Erics miaow. I can hear his purring when I am meditating. Oh how I miss you my little one. It’s been a month since you are gone.


PRECIOUS ANGEL, oil on canvas, 51 X 65 cm


PRECIOUS ANGEL, oil on canvas, 51 X 65 cm, $1950
Wave of grieving hit me hard today so I did what I can do best-paint. Started it as live demo at the beginning of the month at Hauraki Plains College. When I was working on it at home my little One come to life. Today I was just enhancing it little more, but emotions are flooding over me. At the same time I was happy to have Eric with me on canvas, but also sad for loosing him. It’s been over a month since he was gone, yet simple hair of his on my jacket can initiate flood of tears.
MISS YOU LITTLE ONE 2020 oil on canvas 50 X 50 cm
MISS YOU LITTLE ONE, oil on canvas, 50 X 50 cm
ERIC’S PPEARL, oil on canvas, 101 X 76 cm
PORTRAIT OF THE SOUL, oil on canvas, 50 X 50 cm, $1250

BELOVED SOUL, oil on canvas, 41 X 31 cm


ERIC’S PAINTING, oil on canvas, 51 x 51 cm, $1550


RAY OF HOPE, oil on board, 70 cm diameter, $2550



oil on canvas, 51 X 41 cm


TEARS IN HEAVEN, oil on canvas, 51 X 41 cm


PRECIOUS MEMORIES, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm



oil on canvas, 101 X 51 cm

15 March 2021, Yesterday I worked on this painting which was the first painting I started several months after Eric died. I named it Oil, Love and Tears on canvas. In the process he appeared on the canvas several times, because I was fiddling to much I lost him and end up leaving the canvas unfinished. More than half a year later I started again. I was deeply touched when I noticed Erics head in blob of white. At first it was looking like a squirrel, but with just few strokes of my brush got him back, I painted his ear which made it look Eric the cat. After learning my lesson last time, I decided to leave it as it is. I shaped his tail with tears in my eyes.
My own Maca angel.



9 responses to “ERIC”

  1. Jonny Bear says:

    Journey well Eric – Bright Blessings

  2. Pam says:

    You have my sympathies. I have just lost a little dog who was with me for almost 15 years, so I know exactly how you feel. Take care, and try to move forward. You gave Eric a wonderful life and he rewarded you with love. We will never forget our wonderful companions.

  3. Mary says:

    My dearest Friend Nemesh,
    My heart goes out to you and Sean for the loss of Eric. I know how much he meant to you both. As you know, I adored him and had some lovely photo’s of him, that were sadly lost – along with those of my beloved Golden Labrador on his last day – when my phone at the time went for a swim and they were not able to be retrieved. “Apparently” I hadn’t saved them to my phone, which happens automatically these days! Healing Eric is a stunning tribute to him and I saw him straight away πŸ™‚ The others are, as usual my friend, equally as beautiful. Kia kaha. You have precious memories and I know he will always watch over and out for you both.
    Aroha nui always,
    Mary XX

  4. Julie Gardiner says:

    I was so sorry to hear you lost your gorgeous Handsome ginger boy. Loved your cat story so true. I love my tabby boy heaps too and will miss him when he goes to cat heaven. Hang in there and maybe get another feline. Cats are the best. Fondest love Julie and Biggles xx

  5. Janet Planet says:

    Ohh Nemesh, thank you for sharing Eric’s journey… such a beautiful story told.
    I am sure his spirit will surround you always. I met his original parents in my Gallery and it was a forgone conclusion that Eric had chosen you. Your ginger cat who resembled my amazingly intelligent Tonto. We are blessed by their loyalty. Arohanui. JP

  6. Janice says:

    My deepest condolences to you both for the loss of your beloved Eric. Reading your story about his life with you brought tears to my eyes because I too know the loss of my precious fur babies. Just knowing that he loved you as you loved him and that his spirit is still with you will hopefully heal the sadness. Let your heart welcome another cat into your lives to share your love for they are magical creatures.

  7. Janice says:

    My deepest condolences to you both for the loss of your beloved Eric. Reading your story about his life with you brought tears to my eyes because I too know the loss of my precious fur babies. Just knowing that he loved you as you loved him and that his spirit is still with you will hopefully heal the sadness. Let your heart welcome another cat into your lives to share your love for they are magical creatures.

  8. Jenny says:

    So sorry for your loss,I love the story of how you met and he came to be your cat I do feel for you. Your story is very similar to mine. As you know my beloved Oscar recently passed at 21yrs 4mth and 3 days(5th June), he too adopted us from a neighbour who had got two brothers but as they grew to adults they didn’t get on and Oscar spent so much time with us she asked if we would like to keep him. I have been told he is with Ian on the other side and has wings (the first time the lady doing the reading had ever seen that on an animal – he was a one of a kind), hopefully he will meet up with Eric and comfort him as I’m sure he will be missing you and I feel he was a very special cat too.

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