Metallica 78 is a mixed media that measures 63 X 31 cm, brought to life on a canvas, which is perfect for my creative exploration.
I was fortunate enough to participate in the First Art Battle in Auckland (and won), which was an exhilarating experience! As part of the event, I was given an array of Resene test pots, and my eyes instantly fell in love with the enchanting metallic colors they offered. I knew right then that these captivating hues would be the heart and soul of my “Metallica” collection.
Metallica is a true celebration of the harmonious blend of artistic elements. In this piece, I experimented with different mixed media techniques to create a multi-dimensional visual experience that transcends traditional boundaries. The metallic colors I chose shimmer and dance, adding a touch of magic and other worldliness to the artwork.
When you gaze at Metallica painting you’ll notice how the metallic hues interact with the light, casting enchanting reflections and shadows that change with every shift in perspective. It’s like the painting is alive, dancing to its own unique rhythm.
This painting is an invitation to embark on a journey of sensory delight. I hope it sparks emotions and stirs your imagination.

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