Hi, this is the second time that I am organizing an art award for artists who took part in my art classes at some stage of their career. The first time was 10 years ago. To start, before I get an online form, you can email me your full name, address, contact phone number, email, name of the painting/s, medium, Size and when and where you did classes with me. One important thing is that artwork you submit has not been completed during the art class.

Attach images of the artwork and pay fee of $15 per artwork to Nemesh Art account: 03-0155-0740265-00

Below are conditions for the competition. By applying for the competition, you agree to the terms of the competition.

Please note that the number of artworks accepted depends on the space where the Art Award will be exhibited (Reyburn House).

The terms and conditions are standard for most art galleries with this kind of exhibition:

  1. A maximum of two artworks can be entered per artist.
  2. All artworks must be for sale.
  3. The entry fee of $15 per entry must be paid before February 15th. 5pm. Entries will not be accepted if fees have not been paid.
  4. This is a selected exhibition. The final decision on works accepted rests with Nemesh Art. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection of works. Artists will be notified of the selection by email.
  5. All entry fees are non-refundable (even if unselected).
  6. Work in any media can be entered into the awards including Three-dimensional work but not photography and digital artwork.
  7. Size restrictions. Two-dimensional works must be a maximum of 1000mm wide X 1000mm high (including framing). Weight must not exceed 5kg. Three-dimensional works must be free-standing and a maximum of 500mm high by 500mm in any other direction.
  8. Entry forms must be FULLY completed, including pricing. Incomplete entry forms and late entries will not be accepted. No changes to entries will be accepted after they have been sent.
  9. Reyburn House, where the exhibition will be held, receives 30% commission on any work sold. Fees will be deducted from the artist’s payment at the end of the exhibition. Any tax liability is the responsibility of the artist.
  10. Work must be clearly labelled on the back with the artist’s name, title of work, and price.
  11. Work must remain in the exhibition until it finishes on Sunday the 10th of April. 5pm.
  12. Works must be original. Prints are not accepted.
  13. Work to be delivered to Nemesh Art Studio on the given dates/times. Friday 18th February – Friday 25th February 2022. If delivering personally please arrange appointment by contacting Nemesh via email or phone: 027 2244443
  14. Work must be suitably packaged with bubble wrap, cardboard or boxed. While all care will be taken, Nemesh Art will not be responsible for loss or damage while the work is in transit or while being exhibited. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Wrapping/Packaging should be clearly labelled with Artist name, artwork and return address.
  15. Work must be suitably prepared for displaye. mounted and/or framed, with hangers and tightly strung with string/cord. D-Rings are preferable.
  16. Wet work will not be accepted.
  17. Fragile works. Please advise us if any works are fragile and could potentially break
  18. You must provide a digital image (jpg minimum 1 MB, maximum 2MB) of your work along with your entry for the selection process. Jpeg should be named the same as on entry form in this format: Artworktitle_Artistfullname_HxWxD.jpg
  19. Couriered work. Work will be returned at your cost. You must provide suitable bags, return tickets and packaging.
  20. Unsold work to be collected on the given date. Nemesh Art has very limited storage space therefore work not collected after 7 days of the given dates will incur a $10 per day storage fee. Work remaining uncollected after 2 months will become the property of Nemesh Art.
  21. Images of exhibited works may be used by Nemesh Art for publicity purposes. By submitting this form the artist gives their permission for Nemesh Art to do so.
  22. This is an international exhibition. Artists need to let me know when (approximately) and where they participated in my classes. Zoom and Skype classes are included.
  23. The Judge will be Vjekoslav Nemesh. His decision is final and will not be called into question.
  24. Prizes: There will be 2 prizes (so far): First Prize selected by Vjekoslav Nemesh $1000 (have in mind that I am financing the award) and People’s Choice which can be voted online and the exhibition, worth $250.
  25. 10 selected pieces including the winning ones will be exhibited at the Art Award exhibition in Christchurch. Dates and location will be announced later.

#COVID – 19 Terms and Conditions may apply. In the event of a Lockdown for COVID – 19 or govt restrictions affecting this year’s awards they will be held online only. In any case there will be a virtual exhibition on Nemesh Art website. Selection and judging will be completed online, and a subsequent online exhibition will be published. Dates may change. Prizes will still be awarded but no ceremony will be held.

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