9 July – 12 August 2020, Art on The Quay, 176 Williams  Street, Kaiapoi.

Opening 9 July 5 – 7 PM

Met The Artists at the Gallery, Friday, 10 July from 2 – 4 PM


The great finale of the Sacred Art retreat is the ‘Sacred Light Exhibition’ at Art on The Quay Gallery, Kaiapoi. This is a celebration of the beautiful artwork that has been created by the course participants over the five days of the art retreat and after.


Participating artists:

Vjekoslav Nemesh     Vjekoslav Nemesh     Simplicity
    Sandra McAlpine     Whispering Light
    Jonny Bear Jonny Bear, Mindful Trasure, oil on canvas, 51 X 41 cm     Mindful Trasure
David Barnett     David Barnett David Barnett THE MOONS OF SELANA oil on canvas 76 X 101 cm     The Moons of Selana
Kim Mehlhopt     Kim Mehlhopt Kim Mehlhopt, Blue Moon, oil on canvas, 76 X 76 cm     Blue Moon
Tracy Grant-Ussher     Tracy Grant-Ussher Tracy Grant-Ussher MAGNOLIA, oil on canvas, 76 X 101 cm     Magnolia

The next Sacred Art Retreat is now open for registrations and will run in February 2021.










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