Last year I was invited to participate in Rotorua Matariki exhibition at Penny Haka Gallery which was open especially for this celebration. I created for the exhibition large triptych Matariki. With help of Sean Hurst we created holographic image of Divine Connection, transformed into beautiful wahine, seventh sister which is floating above the mountain in the middle panel. Animation for the project has been done by davey  Dane Jacobs from Auckland Animation School. It is piece od artwork itself. All of this has been initiated by Ash Davy who unexpectedly passed away in the middle of the process. It is best to quote Te Rangikahe’s dedication:

A Tribute to Ash Davy Te Arawa Artist

True Presence Technology is how the late Ash Davy described what he was developing.

Auckland artists Nemesh and Sean Hurst in conjunction with Dane Jacobs from the Auckland Animation College have attempted to recreate what Ash worked on before his untimely death.

Penny Haka Gallery and Matariki Rotorua 2015 present a glimpse of what Ash was developing. It is by no means the full technological potential of what Ash had in mind but we put this together to honour his memory. We also aknowledge Harley Wairama-Whity, the business partner of our late colleague, friend and fellow artist Ash Davy. Moe mai ra e te  rangitira.

At the entrance of the Gallery is on display large unique Legend of Maui which wows visitors. For the first time on display are 8 copies of my Special edition book Nemesh III. There are several older paintings which are related to the exhibition.

I am privileged to be artist in residence during the exhibition. This is something I always wanted to do, have wall/s covered with blank canvases and to fill them with new finished painting as the exhibition goes, so people can come and check the progress and watch me painting live every day. Progress will be shown on this blog and on my official Nemesh Art page on Facebook you can also see progress of each piece. I might be going backward and forward doing additional layers and highlights on the pieces.  Of course whole process is inspired with Matariki celebration. Titles will come later, all 12 canvases on the wall are 51 X 51 cm (20 X 20″).




Matariki triptych, three panels, each 91 X 122 cm, oil on canvas

Eye of God, oil on linen 42 X 42 cm



Firstborn, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Waita, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Rebirth, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Waiti, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm

Stardust I, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Stardust II, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Legend of Tarawera, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Astral Waka, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Voyage, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Voyage II, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm


Calling Angels, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm SOLD


Celebration, oil on canvas, 51 X 51 cm

Matariki Wall Final

Completed wall

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    Hi Nemesh

    Would you be interested in exhibiting or running a workshop in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur?

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