Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February, at Te Atatu Studio, Merlot Way, Auckland

Contact Nemesh: 027 22 4444 3

Price: One day $125, two days $225



Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March, at The Art Lounge, 32 Devonport Road.

Contact Nemesh: 027 22 4444 3 or Mira: 021 202 5061

Price: One day $135, two days $250



Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April, at South Sea Art Gallery, 15 York Street

Contact Nemesh: 027 22 4444 3 or Janet: 021 149 9261

Price: One day $135, two days $250





Weekdays classes, 11 am – 2 pm (days depend on availability). Please contact me for details



This workshop is designed for those that range from no experience at all to, medium experienced students who have been painting already. Vjekoslav Nemesh is an established artist with more than thirty years experience in the field. His teaching methods will show you how to express yourself with oil colours and enable you to find your own unique style in painting.


Through a set of exercises students will be able to learn how to handle oil using different tools and techniques.


Students need to bring

Minimum 2 medium size canvases per day  (eg. 50 X 40cm, 50 X 50cm, 40 X 30cm, 50 X 30cm) Please go for canvases with thick stretcher bars, for example DAS exhibition canvases which you can find in Warehouse stationary.

11 am till 5 pm $ NZ 125.00
11 am till 2 PM $ NZ 85.00

Prices include all materials except canvas. You will need to bring your
own medium size canvas (eg. 50 X 40cm, 50 X 50cm, 40 X 30cm, 50 X 30cm)
For longer sessions you will need 2 canvases.

Please contact Vjekoslav:
Phone: (09) 838 204
Mobile: 027 22 4444 3

If you are outside Auckland, please contact Nemesh to arrange classes in your area. All you need to do is arrange a venue and minimum number of 6 other people, and you get your class FREE. Price may vary due to travel and accommodation costs.


This is a new program, spread over six months and tailored to your personal needs will help you develop your personal art practice and work toward a final agreed outcome.

Through workshops at my studio once or twice a month. Each mentoring session will be from 11am to 5pm and cost $100.00 per session. You can chose depending on your ambitions, it will cost between $600 at once a month to $1200 if you do twice a month and so on.

Minimum will be once a month, session from 11-5 PM. Between the sessions you will do Self Directed Learning and we will be in contact via email and or Skype if required.

The Full amount of tuition/mentoring has to be paid in the first three months.

The same program can be done over through Skype, only sessions will last 3 hours each.

Learning outcomes could include developing work for an exhibition or simply to create a body of work that will start you on your way toward further development of you current are art practice.

To all my students, don’t be shy to share your new paintings with me. I like to see your process of development and I want to build gallery with your new works on my web site!

Check samples of the work done in Summer School 2017