In Decemberday01a 2016 I finished my first 100 days challenge. I have been doing simple drawings on a small cards size about 15 X 7 cm, every day, for 100 days, starting 24 August.  You can see images on 2016 100 DAYS PROJECT WEBSITE or you can click on the image on the side..

You can buy them for $25 from me or framed for $75.00 (frame is size 34 X 25 cm). Here is the sample, this is my very first one.

This year I decided to do small paintings 4 X 4 inches (10 X 10 cm) and 6 X6 inches (15 X 15 cm). Inspiration is this Wild Orchids piece which I did for 100 X 100 (mm) Exhibition. I really enjoy doing this little pieces and I think they will be very saleable. This year 100 days started 22 May and you check it every day if you want by clicking on image below. Hope you do!


100days inspiration: Wild orchids from another dimension  day 01 Framed



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