I have been exhibiting at Sargent’s Fine Art, Hawaii for 19 Years. Here are some jewells from that collection available exclusively from the Gallery in Hawaii.

The first painting finished last year I named Like a drop of water, after a meditation I did in which you visualise you are a drop of water and then you imagine you are part of a great ocean. A friend of mine, Gary Gillet even wrote a poem for my painting.

Like a drop of water

LIKE DROP OF WATER, oil on canvas, 50 X 200cm, SOLD

Like God’s Heartbeat
The Ebb and Flo…
The tide comes in
And washes rock clean

It pulls back into
The Ocean
All that brave
The wash away

Rhythmic pounding
Cascade again
Marine life abounding
Creating Self, anew

Like God’s breath
The wave aspires
To be the ALL,
A drop of water…

In an Endless Ocean.

Gary Gillett

One of the next paintings I have done is actually a reworked old painting which I painted a couple of years ago in Hawaii. I had been obsessed with this beautiful Amaryllis which a friend posted on facebook. She sent me several pictures and I used it on several pieces. I really enjoyed painting them. I named this painting Healing power of love, and friend Gary wrote a poem for that one too! This one is also showing in Hawaii.


HEALING POWER OF LOVE, oil on canvas, 80 X 80 cm

Falling, falling –
Deep into the petals
Of a child of Gaia

Overwhelming scent
Pervading senses!
Dizzy, and Delirious

I bathe in Her
Loving Embrace
And revel in Her Caress

Deeper, deeper
Into soft, downey folds
Fall I…

Only to Awaken
To a Dream,

Gary Gillett



Interdimensional Jorney DIAMOND Interdimensional Jorney

INTERDIMENSIONAL JOURNEY, oil on canvas, 50 X 50 cm (I also like it hung in the diamond shape)


Vjekoslav Nemesh INTO THE MYSTIC oil on canvas 50 X 50 cm

INTO THE MYSTIC, oil on canvas, 50 X 50 cm (20 X 20″)

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